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iTournaments - Soccer Tournaments STATS and SCOREBOARD


Welcome to iTournaments, your community/city/league sport TOURNAMENT teams, divisions, fields, stats and SCOREBOARD website.

Select and display all details (including forms and gamesheets) about your event from the side TOURNAMENT menu options (change tournaments from the website header if needed). Viewing REGISTRATION/TEAMS, SCHEDULE or SCOREBOARD menu options on the left menu displays that information for the current selected event.

Almost all information returned is clickable (to narrow your search) (for example teams, divisions, groups or fields) - which you can bookmark for later quick access.

All stats are PRINTER-friendly, and this ENTIRE WEBSITE is MOBILE FRIENDLY - access all pages from your tablet or mobile phone!  Pages will reformat and display just the right amount of information you need on your mobile device.

During a tournament, all live game results are posted on our TWITTER feed. FOLLOW us to subscribe to this!


  • If enabled for the tournament, as a coach/manager, you can REGISTER ONLINE for the event on this website by accessing the REGISTRATION/TEAMS menu option
  • If enabled for the tournament, as a coach/manager, team and player management will be displayed and is available to you once logged in
  • If enabled for the tournament, as a referee, you are required to REGISTER for this event and submit your availability.  Once logged in, your referee schedule will be displayed and posted

Please read our PRIVACY POLICY. When you use iTournament's services, you are entering into a legal agreement and you agree to all of the terms therein.

If you are interested in us hosting your sports tournament, or have any questions about our site, please email

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If you are visiting this website to register a team or view stats, THERE IS NO NEED TO REGISTER OR LOGIN!

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